FYI Page 1

  1. If black holes are the strongest fields of gravity, then how can they bend LIGHT if LIGHT has no mass?
  2. If the universe is not infinite, then what's on the outside of the finite universe?
  3. If all the earth's landmass conveniently puzzles together to have one giant landmass, then where did the landmass originate? Did the moon bump into earth, thus leaving behind debris and leaving the moon with no rotation?
  4. Why do science depictions always show objects smashing into earth at astonishing speeds? What about objects that are traveling in the same direction as earth? For example: cars traveling one direction on the highway are traveling 75 mph, but if one drifts over and bumps another car, how fast did they hit each other? Not smashing at 75 mph, but maybe 2 or 3 mph! Bringing me back to the moon theory above, what if the moon were traveling in the same direction as earth? Would it still smash into earth at 15,000 mph or faster, or merely bump into earth at a few miles per hour?
  5. If there is no friction in space, then why does a comet leave behind a trail? Shouldn't the mass of the comet remain together? Shouldn't the mass of the comet be enough to keep the "dust" particles attached?
  6. Just making stuff up.